Redefine Your Workout

We leverage the emerging market of virtual reality to create a gamified fitness experience.


Track Your Fitness Statistics

In the application or the website, users can track their fitness statistics with many different views of their progress. After the workout, users have access to reports that can be used to evaluate their performance with an easy visual presentation in virtual reality environments. RigelTech lets users sync their personal stats with wearable fitness trackers and it offers an innovative way for tracking and monitoring all kinds of fitness activities, such as tracking steps, calories, and miles traveled.

Wearable Devices on Any Fitness Equipment

Turn your gym into a Smart Gym with our wearable technology. RigelTech offers solutions that work seamlessly with any fitness equipment you have and also make your daily exercise fun. No more time, effort, and money wasted. Work out smarter and make the most of your time. Providing the flexibility and ability to change, update and expand your interface on any fitness equipment.

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