The Future Of Military Training

From RigelTech - no-install simulations with zero disruption to your operation. Our product augments software and physical training for armed forces that reduce cost, increase readiness, and mitigate risk.


The Science of Optimizing Human Potential

RigelTech provides solutions to a wide variety of clients in the field of professional analytics. One of the areas of focus is the field of military simulation, and altogether, RigelTech offers support in all stages of the analytics and performs analytics of the individual. This model allows for a holistic view of the personal characteristics of a military or a white collar and can be applied to predict performance or other outcomes.

Gamified Performance Evaluation

RigelTech offers gamified solutions in addition to motion tracking and performance aid of wearable systems for armed forces and performance simulations in many simulation areas. RigelTech platforms and products are used in training, mission rehearsal, and mission rehearsals. A training system that can be integrated with 3D models, animations, and video for a fully immersive, funny, and gamified real-time scenario creation.

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