RigelTech: Where VR Meets Mobility

RigelTech provides the quickest and most seamless method for developing VR products and solutions for 6 years.


Virtual Reality

Innovating the World of Virtual Reality

Our solutions provide a seamless, fully immersive experience. We share the same vision of quality, despite the challenges of existing VR technology and fragmentation across platforms. Embracing virtual reality technology, we provide an excellent immersive experience in the virtual world with our plug-and-play wearable device or products and services specifically designed for your business.


VR Development and Gamification for Enterprise Solutions

We specialize in VR development by building immersive experiences, such as interactive demos and training simulations, for major corporations in business, healthcare, manufacturing, and entertainment to name a few. At RigelTech, we help organizations leverage VR to train their employees in realistic, immersive environments. We utilize a fully immersive, gamified VR onboarding and training application that guides trainees through the VR experience safely, and then tracks performance analytics.


A Wearable Solution for Virtual Reality

Our first wearable VR solution, WalkOVR, allows you to digitally walk and run around in your VR games. We use OVR Portal, which is our special software that uses advanced algorithms and allows you to sync your body movements with the game. With WalkOVR, the sensors take the data and send them to the OVR software. With Steam VR compatibility, WalkOVR and OVR portal helps people to get the most out of the Steam VR games by adding a virtual layer of physical movement.

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