Who Are We?


Founding Date




Founded in 2016, RigelTech designs and develops innovative consumer electronics, movement technologies, and solutions for the mass market. Our company has a strong track record of developing technology that can work with several different fields such as virtual reality, fitness, and health. We are an enthusiastic team of people who love what we do and want to push the boundaries of virtual reality and innovative technology.

About The Founder

Tugra Sahiner

Tugra Sahiner is a VR and board game enthusiast. He has many years of experience developing software and hardware products in various industries, such as electronics engineering and product management. He has worked for Nokia and Verifone, and his experience in product management and engineering led him to create his own company, RigelTech. In RigelTech, the first product of the company, the first wearable walk-in-place locomotion solution for Virtual Reality, WalkOVR was released in 2016.

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