Smart Solutions to Health Treatments

A wearable device that could objectively evaluate and improve physiotherapeutic health conditions in the home environment through data. RigelTech provides the answer.


Data Driven Approach To Patient Care

RigelTech uses data visualization and analytics to connect patients with specialists. We provide the next generation of physiotherapeutic care to connect patients with doctors through the power of data. Patients share their information with their physicians, while doctors receive easy-to-read charts and can broadcast personal notes to their patients.

Gamified Solutions For Healthcare

RigelTech gamifies physical treatments and provides tools that encourage patients to take an active role in their own recovery. It eases physical therapy treatments–reducing time, helping answer questions with data, and getting you to that next level of healing. RigelTech offers a gamification and goal-setting platform for physical therapy treatments helping patients continue to improve in a fun environment.

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