VR Motion Solution for VR Gaming Experience

RigelTech introduces WalkOVR, the full body motion tracking and VR locomotion solution, designed to give you full immersive movement in VR.


A Wearable Solution for Virtual Reality

Our first wearable VR solution, WalkOVR, allows you to digitally walk and run around in your VR games. We use OVR Portal, which is our special software that uses advanced algorithms and allows you to sync your body movements with the game. With WalkOVR, the sensors take the data and send them to the OVR software. With Steam VR compatibility, WalkOVR and OVR portal helps people to get the most out of the Steam VR games by adding a virtual layer of physical movement.

Motion Capture

Track Your Movement In Virtual Reality

Transport your body and movements into virtual reality! WalkOVR is a lightweight, wearable motion capture device that tracks full body movement in real-time. We offer an easy option to purchase a full set of high-quality wireless motion-capturing devices, that can also be used as VR locomotion devices, and it is compatible with many of the popular VR games and VR headsets.


Look Around While You Move In VR

WalkOVR lets you look in any direction as you move through virtual environments, just as you do in real life. Look up, down, and turn in any direction – without changing your movement direction. This method is called decoupling and provides users a more natural virtual reality experience.

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