We are RigelTech

We are creating experience.

We are creating experience.

Who Are We?

RigelTech is a San Francisco and Istanbul-based technology company developing consumer electronics and computer peripherals with a focus on human-computer interaction, virtual reality, and entertainment. At RigelTech, we are focused on building innovative products that will change the way we interact with technology. We are a company driven by talent, audacity, and the vision of success, and we always seek out those who dare to be great: innovators, risk-takers, thinkers, and doers.


Our vision is to provide the most feasible, flexible, and modular movement technology in the market, for both individual and business uses and with many different usage fields.


We produce wearable motion technologies that can be used in digitally created environments such as 3D games and applications. Our systems are designed to give you the optimal motion experience to take your virtual experience to the next level, and our mission is to develop our motion technology for different areas as a solution to transferring real-body movements into digital environments.

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